Frank incense oil, a composition for the production of perfumes

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FRANKO INCENSE - Oil concentrate, perfume composition.
A composition with an incense scent, similar to the essential oil of Frankish incense, but a bit sweeter. Kadzidlano - balsamic composition with clear notes of anise, eucalyptus and cinnamon, perfect for the production of perfumes.

Oil (composition) for the production of perfumes, goes well with notes of pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, oriental, powdery and woody notes.
smell; unisex

note; the basics

To concentrate the oil, use it to make a perfume
should be diluted in the following proportions:
The most durable perfume extract contains up to 40% of oils (usually 25%).
ESDP (Esprit de Parfum) waters contain 15-30% oils.
EDP ​​Eau de Parfum contains 12-25% aromatics.
In toilet waters (EDT) - 6-18%.
Colognes contain about 5-7% oils.
aftershave - 2-4%.
Refreshing waters, i.e. mists - up to 5%.
To make your own perfume or toilet water, mix the oil compositions with alcohol, usually 80%, and leave it in a dark place for a minimum of 3 weeks. It is advisable to shake the perfume bottle at least once a day in order to better mix the oil with the alcohol. After 3 weeks the perfume is ready for use.

Oils and compositions are highly concentrated, so you should not apply them directly to the skin without diluting:
Oils and compositions can sensitize, so before using them in perfumes, test a small amount of the composition on the skin for at least 24 hours, if there is no reaction, you can use it for the production of perfume or toilet water.
we sell the product as a raw material.

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